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About Schuller

German kitchens are renowned internationally for their quality and engineering. As one of the largest international German exporters of kitchens, Schüller are the third biggest manufacturer in Germany producing up to 400 kitchens per day. The company turnover exceeds €200 million yet they are still a privately owned family company. Schueller offers extraordinary quality matched by impeccable service – at a highly cost competitive price. InHouse has been working closely with Schüller for the past five years importing their kitchens into the UK and increasingly servicing the international development community.

Schüller focuses on in-house production, permanent product design and quality control. An example of high production quality are the robust carcases of all Schüller kitchen models made of derived timber products coated on both sides. For a very high level of stability the carcase back panels are both glued and screwed to the carcase shelves. By inserting the back panels, an optimal air circulation between the wall and the kitchen furniture is reached.

With a recent big investment in increased manufacturing and warehouse at a time when many manufacturers have been cutting back on costs, Schüller is perfectly placed to maximise the development market. New ranges such as Schüller’s mid-market, top-specification C2 range have taken the market by storm. The recent addition of the handleless C3 range has further escalated their position, offering the most competitive handleless range on the market.

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